Saunders Elementary School

853 Harpersville Road     Newport News, VA 23601     Phone: (757) 591-4781     Fax: (757) 599-4571

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Smart, Safe Schools


Mission Statement:

The Saunders community is committed to creating an orderly, purposeful, nurturing atmosphere conducive to teaching and learning.

About our school: 

At Saunders Elementary School we believe that "Together We Can Achieve The Extraordinary". As a result, our staff works together to provide a quality academic program and a safe and nurturing learning environment. Saunders Elementary serves more than 650 students in grades K-5 and Special Education. The staff, students and parents work together to make Saunders an inviting learning environment where students are excited about being present every day.

Parent Teacher Association:

Saunders’ PTA supports our total school program. Through fundraisers, the PTA helps provide educational enrichment experiences and programs for students. This year the PTA will focus on continuing its support and helping enhance the learning environment for all students. Our parent volunteers also help provide assistance throughout the building. The "Supply Wagon" is just one example of a service that is provided for the students of Saunders. The partnership between the home and school is enhanced by the efforts of the PTA.

Smart, Safe School

Providing a safe and orderly environment to all students and staff is a primary goal. Students are expected to follow the code of conduct in the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Administrators and teachers hold meetings with students throughout the year to review the handbook. Parents also review this information with their child. Saunders has a comprehensive character education program that encourages all students to assume responsibility for good citizenship and to show respect for themselves and others.

Other things that make Saunders special:

  • An active SCA conducts school and community service projects.

  • A before- and after-school program is provided at a nominal fee by the NN Parks and Recreation Department.

  • Staff and students are leaders in the annual Newport News Relay for Life campaign.

  • An outstanding yearly musical production.

  • 21st Century classrooms equipped with Smartboards, LCD projectors and desktops computers.


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